Red Bull and Team Farang recently brought Thailand’s parkour scene into a new light with the completion of Run The Ship project. The innovative concept of Run The Ship took place on an abandoned ship in the country’s vast, beautiful wilderness. Since its success, the project has gained adulation among the locals for the group’s creativity and ingenuity.

Team Farang, a renowned parkour and freerunning team founded in Thailand, came up with the idea for Run The Ship to push their limits, showcase their skills, and promote Thailand’s rising extreme sports landscape in the process. The project came with its fair share of challenges, but the team worked tirelessly to make the most of the rare opportunity.

The Story Behind The Story

According to Red Bull athlete and Team Farang member, Jason Paul, the journey of bringing Run The Ship to life started way before the group took on the actual obstacle course. A massive part of the group’s decision to choose the abandoned hotel ship as its next project stems from its history. Determined to add one more noteworthy event to the intriguing past of the former 5-star luxury floating hotel, Paul and his team quickly got in touch with the owner to secure a permit for the project.

In less than a year, Jason Paul secured access to the abandoned ship and assembled the best free runners with the ability to unlock the full potential of the unique location. Alongside fellow Red Bull athlete Dominic Di Tomasso and fellow Team Farang members, Anan Anwar, Joe Scandrett, and Montree “Spinboy” Bouwdok, the group combined their content creation and artistic vision to execute Run The Ship aligned with every individual’s specialty.

From an athletic perspective, what’s exciting about this project is obviously for parkour, the more unique a location, the more unique action it usually allows for, whether that be an interesting challenge or just a set of obstacles that we didn’t get to play with before and this ship definitely had some of those,” said Paul.

“It’s a huge win for us to be able to do this and a huge opportunity and good fun. And of course, we got to show the beautiful beach and the beautiful location of Thailand as well,” he added.

Following the success of Run The Ship, Red Bull and Team Farang highlighted the potential of leveraging the beauty of nature and combining it with the creativity of talented artists. Both parties hope that projects like these will kickstart a new trend to drive tourism and showcase unique experiences that different regions have to offer.

Check out what went down at Run The Ship on Team Farang’s official Youtube channel. For more behind-the-scenes footage, visit Red Bull Thailand’s official TikTok and Instagram pages.

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