Following the resounding success of the SIAM Songkran Music Festival 2024, which featured over 30 world-class DJs and received an overwhelming response by becoming a viral sensation with #TeamSiamSongkran trending across social media, Mr. Rachata Thunyavuthi, Chairman and Founder of One Asia Ventures, announces continued success across all company platforms. He reveals plans to delight partygoers with a budget exceeding 70 million baht invested in organizing the “UNSEEN FESTIVAL.” This full-fledged music festival promises a spectacular experience featuring world-class production, lighting, and sound, set in a new hall in the heart of Bangkok.

Mr. Rachata Thunyavuthi reflected on the beginnings of his business journey, which started with the establishment of the company in 2013 under the name Orbit to New Earth. Initially, the company’s goal was to establish itself as a leading international artist booking agency. However, in 2019, it decided to shift its focus to organizing festivals, a move that has consistently proven successful. This success catalyzed a broader investment strategy, resulting in expansion into various sectors, including companies specializing in show and structural equipment, safety and security, tourism, beverages, lifestyle brands such as Golden Concept, and the renowned hospitality groups Milley ISC & Baccarat. Their business success and primary management strategy involve staying abreast of new markets and striving to make a difference in serving customers in every group. Having consistently received feedback from a wide array of customer groups, they have earned a reputation as a trustworthy entity.

With years of experience as a leading organizer of music festivals and concerts, One Asia takes pride in its positive reception at every event. This was particularly evident at the latest “SIAM Songkran Music Festival 2024” which attracted over 100,000 Thai and foreign participants, contributing to the #TeamSiamSongkran phenomenon across social media. The event played a role in boosting Thailand’s tourism sector during the world-famous Thai New Year period.

One Asia is gearing up for its next major project, investing more than 70 million baht to elevate its established music festival, “UNSEEN FESTIVAL.” This year’s theme, “ELYSIAN REVIVAL,” is designed to offer partygoers an immersive experience that fuses the wonder of exploration with modern technology. By blending the lifestyles of new generations and tech-savvy groups, the festival aims to create a fresh, innovative musical experience.

This year, One Asia is once again setting a new standard for production scale by enlisting the expertise of the renowned Production & Show Design team from the Siam Songkran event. Comprising both Thai and international experts, these teams will collaborate to design the shows, ensuring meticulous planning for all aspects including lighting, color, sound, and production design. Additionally, the festival will feature a lineup of world-class DJs, including AXWELL from the legendary group Swedish House Mafia, who will bring his energy to Unseen Festival attendees.

The festival is set to take place at the latest landmark in the heart of the city, UOB Live Hall inside Emsphere mall which offers convenient access through the BTS skytrain. One Asia aims to promote Thai tourism yet again by targeting over 10,000 Thai and foreign attendees.

For all UNSEEN FESTIVAL attendees using the CASHEERS system for on-site purchases, a 100% refund on leftover funds will be offered after the event, demonstrating the commitment to customer convenience. “One Asia Ventures” strives to be Thailand’s foremost customer-centric EDM Music Festival organizer, dedicated to delivering top-tier music experiences. Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated UNSEEN FESTIVAL, themed “ELYSIAN REVIVAL,” taking place on August 9-10,2024

Additionally, One Asia Ventures has an exciting year-end project in store as a big surprise for everyone. The company is currently in talks with top international artists to perform in Bangkok. The company believes that this project will be another significant boost to tourism and revenue generation for the country.

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