Swedish paper napkin brand, DUNI, has invested over a billion baht investment base in Thailand, and is ready to offer dining solutions with the concept “Go-Joy-Wow” with the launching of “DUNILETTO”, the premium dining napkin with environmental commitment, DUNI is determined to support the HoReCa industry in Thailand and Asia, and is set to announce the brand’s goals on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at the President Room, Intercontinental Hotel.

Pravit Techavijit, CEO of DUNI (Thailand), a subsidiary of Swedish premium napkin manufacturer, revealed that the food industry and the HoReCa market (Hotels Restaurants & Catering) in Thailand is full of potential with over 24,400 hotels nationwide which over 15% being four-starred or higher, according to the National Statistical Office.

Regarding the restaurant business, TTB Analytics reports that there are up to 32,300 restaurants for the middle and upper markets in Thailand while the data from Kasikorn Research Center and the brand’s assessment predict that the value of the catering business will reach 850 million baht annually.

The potential of the HoReCa market in Thailand is promising due to the high level of domestic consumption, making it a suitable business base. With its strategic location at the center of the region, ideal as an export hub, as well as the FTA Free Trade Agreement with many partner countries, Thailand has attractive import tariff deals. On top of this, the Thai labor is highly skilled while the costs are comparatively low compared to Europe.

DUNI had initially invested 720 million baht in 2016, DUNI Thailand is planning to expand the production capacity with investment of 300 million baht. The expansion is divided into 2 phases: the first phase to be implemented in 2023 with 190 million baht investment, and the second phase in 2024 with 110 million baht investment, or over one billion baht in total doubling its current capacity.

“The expansion of production capacity, from the current 4,000 tons per annum to 6,000-8,000 tons in 2024-2025, will allow the company to produce a wider range of products, meeting future market demand. The decision to choose Thailand as a production and distribution and commercial hub for Thailand and other Asian countries is in line with its business model already proven successful in Europe,” said the CEO of DUNI Thailand.”

In addition to the investment plan and capacity expansion, DUNI Thailand is working on a sales platform to accommodate different product categories based on the “Goodfoodmood” concept and the “Go-Joy-Wow” experience which also serves as the brand position and mantra for target markets in Thailand and Asia.

Go: Functional and affordable products such as the napkins used in cafés

Joy: Beautiful products that add to a delightful party among family members or friends

Wow: Luxury products suitable for fine dining experiences and restaurants that prioritize atmosphere and design.

DUNI napkins prioritize hygiene as they are designed for single use, eliminating the cleaning cost and napkin folding time. They are more environmentally friendly because they are not bleached like regular linen or paper napkins. These features make DUNI napkins versatile for a variety of events.

Today’s launch is DUNILETTO, folded napkins with cutlery pockets. In addition to the premium paper texture and a variety of colors, DUNILETTO napkins can be customized with prints, texts, or brand logos.

“Our products offer solutions that support and create business opportunities for our customers either by reducing costs or adding value to their products, while enhancing the brand image and identity at the same time. As most four-star hotels or premium restaurants use linen as tablecloth, DUNILETTO is priced per piece in the same range as linen tablecloth with cleaning cost included. For these reasons, customers who choose DUNI can pay the same price for the napkins but see reduced costs, labor, and time in preparing dining tables,” added CEO Pravit Techavijit.

On the business direction and marketing strategies for the HoReCa market in Thailand and Asia, including future goals, DUNI Thailand will focus on B2B customers (Business to Business) and restaurant operators. Currently, the brand has authorized distributors across the country, and is appointing more market-specific agents. DUNI retail products will be available on the modern trade market for B2C customers (Business to Consumer). International product distribution is carried out through the network of the parent company DUNI AB, with appointed distributors in key cities throughout Asia.

In addition to business expansion in Thailand and other target countries, DUNI Group, headquartered in Sweden, is aware of and continues to take action on the environment and sustainability urgency. At present, the company has two main manufacturing facilities in Germany and Poland, including the in-progress on in Thailand, which is the first base outside Europe. DUNI ensures that all production bases comply with the environmental sustainability standards.

DUNI products are certified by renowned institutions, these include The Forest Stewardship Council: FSC, which assesses the environmental, social and economic management of forest-based products, The RAL Quality Mark by the European Quality Association, given to production process with clean combustion, clean emission, and safe and reliable products free from defects. In addition, the brand has received the OK COMPOST label from TUV Austria as a product suitable for composting. It has successfully met the European standard EN13432, as a compostable product for household use. The most recently acquired label is the NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL, recognized as the benchmark for the best green products for its rigorous requirements; for example, a product must be made of at least 90% renewable materials with reduced emissions.

“DUNI products have been certified by many environmental and quality standards, emphasizing the sustainability and quality of the products and the brand’s priority on climate and environmental action,” added the CEO.

The company plans to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production process to zero, or achieve the Net Zero goal, in 2030. In 2023, the company has already accomplished its carbon reduction goal. The next goal in 2025 is to produce 100% biodegradable paper products and follow the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) manufacturing regulations. All of these efforts are to ensure that when you use DUNI products, you contribute to reforestation efforts, forest conservation, and restoring balance to the world’s climate.

Fact sheet

DUNI product details


  • Sustainable and soft material with high absorbency, lasting for the entire meal time
  • Paper fiber made of food waste
  • ECO has never been so colorful

Size: 20×20 cm, 40×40 cm, 48x48cm


  • The ultimate linen look and touch, easy to fold
  • Embossed texture, soft, and thick
  • Compostable materials and natural colors

Size: 40×40 cm, 48x48cm


  • Sophisticated with a unique structure
  • Embossed texture and shimmer, perfect for formal occasions
  • Super thick and absorbent, lasting through a multi-course dinner

Design: Lily, Crystal

Size: 40×40 cm, 48x48cm


  • Sanitary and stylish solution for cutlery protection
  • Space-efficient, ideal for when the minutes count
  • Great for outdoors, stays secure on tables when filled

Size: 40x33cm, 40×48 cm

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